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While it can be somewhat sporadic, pet sitting is a viable business that allows you to serve others and fulfill your love for animals.Similarly, a dog walking business gets you outdoors while bonding with some adorable four-legged friends.Maybe you’re finally tired of working for someone else.

Those who are both highly creative and organized might want to look into a business as a video producer.

You’ll oversee and manage all aspects of video production—including pre-production, production, and post-production. If you have a background in programming, start your own business as an app developer. Almost every small business needs a website, which means there’s plenty of opportunities for website developers to build booming one-person operations or agencies.

If you have a product that isn’t quite a fit for one of those marketplaces, look into selling on Amazon.

Despite the fact that it’s a retail giant, selling on Amazon is actually pretty straightforward—especially if you do Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and let them take care of storing and shipping your items.

Photography is more than just a hobby—it’s a highly sought-after skill in numerous different industries.

From wedding photographers to product photographers, there’s no shortage of ways you that you can start and expand a business in this field.With so many resources out there, creating your own ecommerce store is relatively straightforward and cost-effective.(Just be sure, no matter what platform you choose, to pay special attention to things like inventory management, online sales tax, and credit-card payment processing.You have a creative eye and consider yourself an expert in Photoshop and other editing programs.Especially in this age of Instagram, you could build a business as someone who professionally edits photos for other businesses and individuals.From weddings to corporate commercials, there’s a real demand for video content today—whether it’s to promote a brand or capture a special memory.If you have an eye for film, a videographer business is a great option for you.While it’s not the most traditional business idea, word-of-mouth marketing should help you establish a client base. So, if you’re someone who can hem pants or patch holes in clothing, you’ll likely be able to find plenty of eager customers who are ready and willing to support your tailoring business.Are you a master at coordinating itineraries or finding those hidden gems that aren’t crawling with tourists? ) by helping other people plan their own vacations. Maybe your garden is overflowing with more veggies than you could possibly use on your own.Your childhood dreams of becoming a rockstar may have gone by the wayside, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a living with music. This idea is particularly well suited to begin as a side-hustle and balloon into full-time self-employment.Share your knowledge with others by becoming a music teacher. Whether you want to design promotional brochures, invitations, infographics, or something else entirely, there’s no shortage of design work out there that’s ripe for the taking. As you grow, take care to treat your developer business with the same level of technical savvy you would websites themselves.


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