Swot Analysis Essay On Coca Cola

These factors include: These factors are also very important in the realm of the current globalization arena.

The economic recession has recently hit the world, and the economic activities in the world have dramatically changed.

Continuous development in taste buds experiencing positive behaviors in the services industry to attain the potential values of the customer (MOSS).

The leadership characteristics of Coca Cola Company initiate the dominant factor in building courage by focusing on internal and external environment factors.

The capital flight has also been seen, and the saving and the investment of the companies have also been affected.

Therefore, it can be seen that the company must reduce its expenditures and focuses on the cost efficient processes and the operations.In the year 2015, Coca-Cola earned .294 billion dollars’ revenue.In the year 2015, the net income of Coca-Cola was .351 Billion dollars.Such focus on external forces dominating the characteristics of the high productivity, greater speed, and effectiveness.The success parameters of the company evolve with the initiation of the leadership attributes in the beverages industry.Coca-Cola has more than 123,200 employees (Coca-colacompany.com, 2015)Although the Coca Cola Corporation is a leading brand in the beverages and its operations are going profitable, the key strategic challenges in external and operating business environment could pose significant threats to the market expansion and the status of the leading beverage brand in the world.Changing political and economic situation, increasing competition and the globalization are some of the most robust challenges in that regard.The mission, vision and values indicate the organizational attributes that are serving to the community.Increase in the competitive era, thriving business in the business environment entailed the major consolidations to achieve required aim and objectives.Setting goals globally, initialize the attributes of increase in productivity, profit maximization, developing of networking partners, execution of developing the portfolio in drinking brand and for employee’s great place to work with the management of Coca Cola Company. Headquarters of Coca-Cola is situated in Atlanta, Georgia, United States.Coca-Cola is the manufacturer, retailer, and marketer of beverages, syrups and concentrates that are non-alcoholic. Coca-Cola serves customer almost all over the world and it’s consider as a global brand.


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