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As a result, Carr prefers to criticize those technologies that he finds troubling instead of imagining what an alternative arrangement—which may or may not feature the technology in question—might be like.His treatment of self-driving cars is a case in point.Much of this is helpful, but the practice quickly encounters diminishing returns.

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Given such diversity, it’s not obvious why automation—rather than, say, augmentation—is the right framework to understand these changes.

What are we automating with the song identification app?

Changing public attitudes toward technology—at a time when radical political projects that technology could abet are missing—is pointless.

While radical thought about technology is certainly possible, the true radicals are better off theorizing—and spearheading—other, more consequential struggles, and jotting down some reflections on technology along the way.

“What if the cost of machines that think is people who don’t?

”—a clever rhetorical question posed by the technology author George Dyson a few years ago—nicely captures these sorts of concerns.

It also doesn’t help that technology critics, for the most part, make a point of shunning political categories.

Instead of the usual left/right distinction, they are more comfortable with the humanist/anti-humanist one.

They don’t shy away from attacking Internet companies, but their attacks mostly focus on the values and beliefs of the companies’ founders, as if the tech entrepreneurs could simply be talked out of the disruption that they are wreaking on the world.

If Mark Zuckerberg would just miraculously choose a tome by Isaiah Berlin or Karl Kraus for his ongoing reading marathon, everything could still go back to normal.


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