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Hitler was no ordinary artist however but he was very devoted to it .

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Definitions of the media and propaganda In identifying the topic scope, the term ‘media’ refers to the plural of the word ‘medium’ (Pearsall 1999).

In this context, the ‘media’ is defined as ‘the main means of mass communication in forms of television, newspapers and the radio.’ (1999: 884).

What Nazi propaganda did best was make the German people think that world conquest was their destiny and possibly their duty to conquer all people who were “inferior” to them.

It pushed the notion that they were the master race, Joseph Goebbels did a very effective job as Minister of Propaganda in many ways.The Principles of Nazi propaganda were not original, but they fit the contemporary thought.In that same book Hitler wrote about his realization that his propaganda was not only effective but that it had the ability to convince and coerce as art.As author Alan Robbins points out in Dire Image: The Art of Persuasion “Hitler was, notoriously, an artist first.In fact thousands of watercolors, oils, and drawings have been attributed to him.”(Robbins 165) Now putting these ideas together we see how he was able to manipulate so well, he was a fine artist and coupled with his leadership abilities made him simply unstoppable.Thereby also concerns several pending questions regarding the different human perspectives of propaganda that is spread by the media.Lastly, there is the review of literature in relation to propaganda as a whole.This was the reality of people living in Germany during the 1930’s.Hitler was a destructive man, and it cannot be doubted that Nazi Germany was the most destructive political regime of the twentieth century, not only because it unleashed World war II but because of its impact on society.Imagine a world without TV, independent radio, internet, or mobile phones.Imagine that the only information you had was in the form of propaganda and images designed to provoke a reaction and, ultimately, a form of control over you.


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