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These extremes force girls to develop eating disorders afterwards.When students experience high levels of stress and fail to manage the stress, they become overwhelmed, and detached.Stress results from a chemical imbalance, due to different reasons such as tests, academic papers and projects, financial instability, and worries about the future.

The high school students experience stress because of the overwhelming physical and psychological changes they experience in their adolescent stage.

College students on the other hand, stress because of life realities, especially the shift from dependence to self-dependence.

Causes of stress can be behavioral, psychosomatic, or psychological.

Behavioral factors include relationship problems and alcoholism.

Name Course Name Instructor Date Causes and Effects of Stress on High School and College Students Stress is an inevitable human phenomenon. Relationship with family and friends, psychological and physical factors, schoolwork and tests, search for job or potential spouse, are among the known stress factors in college students.

Stress level is higher in college students compared to high school students.

Family relationships also determine their stress levels.

Family problems are a source of stress for students.

Male students may experience low self-esteem if they are not well built, with biceps and muscles.

Loneliness and feelings of rejection leads to solitary life, thereby increasing stress levels.


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