The American Family Today Essay

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Inside, for a child yet to be born or conceived, was a baby blanket knitted of soft, yellow yarn, with a tiny bonnet attached.Antonio’s mother was visiting from the family land in Guanajuato.Even in her late 80s, Juana still took the bus a couple of times each year to visit Wyoming with one of her children as a chaperone.Mary didn’t feel she could give her child the life he deserved, so she arranged for an adoption.Hours after I was born, a middle-aged couple from Fort Collins adopted me.You can’t explain the feeling of someone’s heartbeat echoing yours in a hug, the same heartbeat that raced long before you were born so that one day you could strike earth like lightning and .It was like being fully present when beholding the sunrise, as if I were awakening to a force of life unknown to me before that moment — as if one cycle had ended, just as a new and similar one was beginning. In the flowing instant of meeting Antonio, I was deeply submerged in a feeling of joy.A few months later, on a visit to Colorado, I drove north to meet Antonio for the first time.We met at a truck stop between Cheyenne, Wyoming, where he was living, and Fort Collins, Colorado, where I was visiting my parents, on an overcast day in November.There, he fell in love with Mary, the farm owner’s daughter, and sometime later, in the fading light of a prairie autumn, I was conceived.Mary read to me before I was born, books by Ernest Hemingway and James Michener, and walked the bluffs to watch over her family farm.


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