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It is the second amazing thing that the Hollywood did, which not only lead a new movie technology revolution but also established the position in public and all over the world.As a result, a couple of month later, Xie 3 the Hollywood movie studio system controlled what films were shown across the whole country.Nobody could say The Jazz Singer was not a huge success, but the Hollywood did not feel satisfied with the big accomplishment that The Jazz Singer had made, they wanted to be better and more dictatorial, so they kept developing their movies with this spirit.

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However it is a bad new to the movie actors at the same time, many silent movie actors saw their careers ruined by the rise of the sound in films, some unfortunately had bad voices or thick accents, other had trouble remembering their line, in any event, a fair number of silent film’s biggest stars could not back in the motion picture industry anymore, apparently the would be replaced by the vaudeville stars well as radio actors.

It could be a disaster to the old movie stars, thousands of them lost their jobs, some were fortunately hired by some company which still have relationship with movies, while others were not as fortunately as them; they had to give up their old career no matter how much they liked it and chose a new job.

In the early 1920s, the technology had improved more rapidly and completely than any period before, so the studios finally were able to produce movies with sound in it, which was the basis of the whole evolution.

It was the biggest progress that the movie industry had ever made since the movie was invented. Just imagine, if the movies we watch today still did not have any sound, then, no matter how great it looked or how 3D it is, nobody would like it, because it is not a complete movie.

As a result, the number of talkie movie had increased rapidly and had completely overtaken silent films in just a few years later.

The Golden Age Essay

It was a great contribution for the whole entertainment industry that helped other entertainment industry develop their technology at the same time to serve the public better.

The sound in movie is like the soul in human; without their soul people are not people anymore.

In the same way, the movie without sound is not a movie, but the movie producer did not realized this at that time.

On the other hand the vaudeville actors were lucky, more than 90% of them were hired by Hollywood studios to play the BGM for sound movies.

Sometimes, only if a man who had a good voice and a not bad appearance, he could be famous and wealthy in a short time, not matter how his social position it was or how poor he was.


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