The Hunger Games Essay

The Hunger Games Essay-27
The structure of the society influences the outcome of the hunger games.First of all, the poor people have higher probabilities to be selected for the hunger games since they trade food for the chance to take part in them.The poor and the rich are united when watching the hunger games, which enables them to do something together.

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The relationships between the positions influence how much they can accomplish.

People have great expectations of the other people and the roles they play.

Such games are highly televised; the tributes are adorned in costumes.

It is important how the tributes appear before the huge number of people, and whether they will be given gifts.

More participanst are, therefore, selected from the poorer districts who rarely survive.

The media in Panem plays a critical role in socializing between the rich and poor people.Panem is not a meritocracy but the society full of class differences.In a meritocratic society, the people’s progress in life is based on their abilities and not their socio-economic status. The ones who survive in the hunger games are the tributes from the wealthier districts since they are able to afford sufficient food and prior training in preparation for the games.The people who succeed economically are the ones in the wealthier districts.The people in the poorer districts are too preoccupied with their thoughts of surviving a single day; what bothers them is earning money, which is a problem for them.The people are restricted from travelling outside their homes and districts, which limits their ability to interact with each other and as such mobilize resources.The education offered is biased in order to limit any rebellion in the people against the Capitol.The class inequality represents itself in several ways, but mostly, people in such districts do not have sufficient food, and there are observed cases of starvation.Katniss, the main character in the book, has to engage in illegal hunting “the hunger games” in order to be able to provide for her family. In the Capitol, on the other hand, there is plenty of food.There are televised interviews of the tributes which everyone watches, making the games appear as entertainment yet these young people are fighting for their lives.During the games, there is a large audience watching as the tributes fight for their lives; the same situation can be observed in the modern world, for instance, reality shows with the rich and famous, in which ordinary people get to know about their personal lives, which is also considered as entertainment.


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