The Island Essay

Fiji is an archipelago consisting of 300 islands in the southwest of the Pacific Ocean.

The places of interest on the Fiji Islands possess mostly the “natural” character.

When Karana’s father gives his secret name to Captain Orlov, he is seen to be open and trusting of this newcomer.

This is a clear representation of how the inhabitants of the island and, more widely, native American Indians have been exploited and then massacred by those who have abused the trust given to them.

It is of note that these same men who make money from the pelts of the massacred sea otters go on to massacre the majority of men on the island.

Hunting, in this light, is only one move away from committing murder of humans.O’Dell reveals this detail in an author’s note and not in the main narrative.The novel begins with Karana and her younger brother, Ramo, spotting a ship.Because of necessity, she makes her own bows and arrows and spears and by using them effectively she breaks the taboo and challenges the patriarchal power that is male domination.This essay about the Fiji Islands contains some compelling ideas of why the resort is worth visiting and what things you should pay attention to.And as any small and big island in the world, they feature something unusual that deserves to be observed at least once in the lifetime.The most popular historical sights of Fiji are situated on the major islands of the archipelago.Trust and kindness are depicted as essential qualities and this is brought to bear when she decides to never kill another animal for adornment or pleasure again.Hunting is portrayed as cruel and destructive and with the Aleut men it is seen to be a form of excessive greed.Karana is on the ship sent by the chief of the villagers when she notices Ramo has been left behind.Her request for the ship to turn back is refused and so she swims back to shore to stay with him.


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