Thematic Essays On The Industrial Revolution

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The Serbian terrorist organization, the Black Hand, had trained a small group of teenage operatives to infiltrate Bosnia and carry out the assassination of the Archduke.

It is unclear how officially active the Serbian government was in the plot.

The enormous expansion of rail and telegraph lines after 1870 allowed unprecedented movement of people and ideas, which culminated in a new wave of globalization.

In the same time period, new technological systems were introduced, most significantly electrical power and telephones.

The telegram has become known to history as the "Blank Check".

In order to balance the power, France and Russia signed an alliance.The Kaiser William II of Germany hated and envied Britain for having a stronger navy than his.He increased the German navy and built many warships.Militarism is the second cause according to the article above, which comes after the nationalism.To understand what the author means by militarism one should be familiar with the situation of the world in the beginning of the century, which was the result of both industrial and democratic revolutions.Britain responded with building more ships and increasing its navy too.This started a race for building more and better warships and it created tension and competition between those two countries.And that was the problem for the government of Austria-Hungary that did not want to lose their power and control.The Slavs in the southern part of the empire were their main concern since they wanted to join up to Serbia.Britain at that time was the largest empire in the world, and it also had the largest navy.The navy was so big and strong because the Britons needed to protect their empire and maintain the sea routes between the different colonies.


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