Thesis About Peer Tutoring

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Enhancing students’ helping behavior during peer-mediated instruction with conceptual mathematical explanations.

Intensive intervention for students with mathematics disabilities: Seven principles of effective practice.

Mathematics interventions for children with special educational needs a meta-analysis.

Learning Disabilities Research & Practice, 22(1), 1-12.

American Educational Research Journal, 31(1), 75-103.

The nature of student interactions during peer tutoring with and without prior training and experience. Classwide peer tutoring: Longitudinal effects on the reading, language, and mathematics achievement of at‐risk students. Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference of Teaching and Learning (ICTL 2009). Effects of parent involvement in isolation or in combination with peer tutoring on student self-concept and mathematics achievement. S., Thompson, A., Svenson, E., Yen, L., Al Otaiba, S., ... Results showed that variables such as the ages of the participants, roles, skills of the tutees (disabled or at academic risk vs non-disabled and not at academic risk), length of the sessions and frequency were not significant moderators of the academic achievement. Using classwide peer tutoring to teach beginning algebra problem-solving skills in heterogeneous classrooms. Variables such as educational stage, design of the study, duration of the program, level of knowledge of the tutors, time of the day (school time vs out of school time) and sample size turned out to be significant moderators. Perspectives on Psychological Science, 7(1), 60-66. The rise of the short report in psychological science. Effectiveness of Small-Group Tutoring Interventions for Improving the Mathematical Problem-Solving Performance of Third-Grade Students with Mathematics Difficulties: A Randomized Experiment. A peer-tutored, instructional management program in computational mathematics for incarcerated, learning disabled juvenile delinquents.


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