Traffic Jam Problem Solving

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There’s nothing like starting your day with an infuriating morning commute that sandwiches you among other angry drivers.

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There are things that are tried and work aroud world mainly in Europe.1.) Decrease amount of lanes. No matter amount of lanes if there is congestion there always will be no matter 20lanes or 2.

Transit advocates say that should be a model: If LA can do it, any region can.

Skeptics point out that the record ridership still translates into just a fraction of all trips people take.

A few ways to ease the nation's gridlock: Ridership on public buses, trains and subways has reached its highest level nationally since the 1950s, and transit boosters cite this as evidence that expanded service and routes is a good investment.

The possible solutions are many, but none is easy or cheap.Even if gate would cost like 10cents it’s just a thing that people see as huge annoyance( lost of tiny amount of money at toll gate annoy people more than standing in traffic jamm for few hours)7.) Get rid of traffic lights. It’s not so much about traffic but people simply tend to drive safer when there is no lights and roundabout make eventual collision less deadly(lower speeds and better angle).8.) If city is grid based get rid of it by turning some lanes into buses, residents only or large walkpaths. So generally decreasing traffic and congestions is about decreasing road capacity and increasing walkability by decreasing speed and placing people and mass transit over random cars(that in return increase safety for cars).The problem is clear: Traffic congestion will become significantly worse and more widespread without big changes in how people and products get around. The nation's driving capital, Los Angeles, is making a multibillion-dollar investment in building or extending five rail lines.Prolific Japanese puzzle inventor and teacher Nob Yoshigahara first conceived of in the 1970s, with the rights now owned by Think Fun.You can find many versions of the game online and as apps.Games like is to slide cars around on a grid in straight lines until you can successfully get the target vehicle to leave through the exit.You can’t lift the cars off the grid, and there’s usually only one solution.They also make a bang-for-the-buck argument, saying big-ticket transit projects just don't make enough of a difference to justify their cost.To help fund new construction, the Obama administration has proposed letting states toll federal interstates.But 2lane roads have smaller capacity thus pollution would be smaller and saved space should be used for biking lanes ect.2.) Destroy, ban use of some roads that can be used as “shortcuts”.If they were build mainly for cars(like big bridges with little sidewalks) turn them into buses only roads for example. Again it’s mathematically proven that shortcuts even if they would take 0 time increase total travel time and IRL also cause additional trafic.3.) Get rid of big ring roads and highways.


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