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Every aspect of Trauma’s life has been preconditioned since his birth.This preconditioning is much like how society teaches children today; the only deference with Truman Is his life Is much more controlled.

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” Truman faces his fear of the ocean and takes a boat into the sea and runs into the end of the stage set. When he meets the door that he can either exit or stay in his world he says, “I’m not going to make it, your gonna have to go on without me.

” (Weir) Truman overcomes the society that has transformed his whole life and takes the chance and enters the real world in search of Lauren.

In all the homes, apartments, business offices, and town squares, there are telescreens.

The telescreens give the ruling body the ability to invade the people’s privacy, and create fear into their lives.

The idea of a perfect utopia has been an idea for many people.

The world will never know the true effects of a perfect society.

One’s culture Is the totality of customs learned Like Ideas, values. Trauma’s culture and norms where taught to him based on what Christopher, the director in the movie, thought was an ideal society.

Trauma’s social location is even chosen for him as the movie reveals he is a white male salesman earning a modest income.

He must now deal with conflict, fear, dishonesty, and separation from people.

The outside people all know about his life before and he must start all over and become the person he wants to be.


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