Undergraduate Thesis Requirements

Undergraduate Thesis Requirements-53
A 3.25 cumulative GPA and a 3.5 GPA in major are required to participate in the thesis program.Students must also be approved by their academic department and the Honors College to participate.In Spring 2009, the Arts and Sciences Council approved an expansion of the Graduation with Distinction program beyond Distinction in the major to permit qualified students to undertake a thesis or other substantive project worthy of Distinction in an area outside that of the major (or Program II).

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2) Completion of a thesis, research project, or some other approved body of original work, which is submitted for evaluation according to the rules of the UF Honors Office, the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering, and the student’s major department The requirement for “cum laude” is solely based on having a 3.30 or higher upper division GPA.

Therefore, a student with above a 3.5 or 3.8 upper division GPA who chooses not to undertake a thesis may still graduate cum laude (= with honors).

Although students are responsible for knowing the requirements for the various honors designations, if you’re eligible to graduate with any type of honors the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering will contact you during your junior year to help you plan ahead.

Once you have committed to writing a thesis, your major department will shoulder the responsibility for reminding you about important deadlines, helping you register for research credits (if applicable), and providing you with general support.

Note that your upper division GPA starts calculating in the semester after which you have earned 60 college credits from any mechanism (including AP, IB, etc.).

Thus, the grades you earn in the first semester where you are listed as a “3EG” on your transcripts are the first grades that go into your upper division GPA.

Generally, the hours will count toward your major degree requirements.

You will receive an "IP" (in progress) grade for 3399, which will be changed to a letter grade when you have finished the thesis.


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