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% For hyperlinked PDF, suitable for viewing on a computer, use this: \documentclass[letterpaper,12pt,titlepage,oneside,final] % For PDF, suitable for double-sided printing, change the Print Version variable below % to "true" and use this \documentclass line instead of the one above: %\documentclass[letterpaper,12pt,titlepage,openright,twoside,final] % Some La Te X commands I define for my own nomenclature.

% If you have to, it's easier to make changes to nomenclature once here than in a % million places throughout your thesis!

The success of the UW E‐thesis Project illustrates that progress can be made toward the OA paradigm for theses and dissertations while upholding perennial values. Download as .

Collaborations with like‐minded organizations support and advance these goals.

% For people who prefer to install their own La Te X distributions on their own computers, and process % the source files manually, the following notes provide the sequence of tasks: % E.g. The "pdftex" program allows graphics in the following formats to be % included with the "\includegraphics" command: PNG, PDF, JPEG, TIFF % Tip 1: Generate your figures and photos in the size you want them to appear % in your thesis, rather than scaling them with \includegraphics options.

to process a thesis called "mythesis.tex" based on this template, run: % pdflatex mythesis -- first pass of the pdflatex processor % bibtex mythesis -- generates bibliography from data file(s) % makeindex -- should be run only if an index is used % pdflatex mythesis -- fixes numbering in cross-references, bibliographic references, glossaries, index, etc. If you have an index as well, % you'll need to run Make Index from the Tools menu as well, before running pdflatex % the last two times. % Tip 2: Any drawings you do should be in scalable vector graphic formats: % SVG, PNG, WMF, EPS and then converted to PNG or PDF, so they are scalable in % the final PDF as well.% % 2) change the value assigned below to the boolean variable % "Print Version" from "false" to "true".%====================================================================== % D O C U M E N T P R E A M B L E % Specify the document class, default style attributes, and page dimensions, etc.\newcommand[1] % package names in bold text \newcommand[1] % command name in tt font \newcommand[1] % does nothing, but defines the command so the % print-optimized version will ignore \href tags (redefined by hyperref pkg).%\newcommand[2] % does nothing, but defines the command % Anything defined here may be redefined by packages added below...% Many thanks for the feedback from many graduates who assisted the development of this template.% Also note that there are explanatory comments and tips throughout this template.% DON'T FORGET TO ADD YOUR OWN NAME AND TITLE in the "hyperref" package % configuration below.THIS INFORMATION GETS EMBEDDED IN THE PDF FINAL PDF DOCUMENT.% See the u Waterloo thesis regulations at % This thesis template is geared towards generating a PDF % version optimized for viewing on an electronic display, including % hyperlinks within the PDF.


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