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asset that gives UPS a significant competitive advantage is its state of the art IT platform.UPS is committed to maintaining a cutting edge information technology infrastructure and to capture every potential benefit from it."Brown" signifies dependability, quality, trustworthiness (UPS2, 2008, p.5).

UPS Founded in 1907 in Seattle Washington as American Messenger Company Ø Started with just $100 dollars.

Ø 1919 started service in Oakland, CA Ø 1930 started service in New York, NY Ø 1952 Began to offer Air service (threw 3 rd party airlines) Ø 1988 launched its own air fleet Ø 1999 UPS becomes a public company Ø Locations Ø Headquarters are now based out of Sandy Springs, Georgia (near Atlanta).

A piece of UPS's successful management is delegating decision making ability to lower levels.

This is particularly important and effective in the management of its international operations, which are often somewhat different in nature than domestic actions, mirroring regional culture or complying with foreign laws or even local regulations.

As UPS continues to expand, it will have to bring technological platforms to technologically inferior regions, adhere to culture and regulations, diversify its offerings, and employ methods to mitigate economic downs and rising fuel costs.

International and global operations have a significant impact on UPS's operations, from culture and policies, to economic trends.Students will start to become familiar with the idea that many different kinds of businesses have had to change the way they operate, even Disney World. Introduction UPS Case Study Executive Summary In its global operations, United Parcel Service provides letter, document, and package delivery; import/export and customs services; freight transportation; logistics management; consulting; and finance & lending services. What are its management, organization, and technology components? How does each contribute to an understanding of information systems? Chapter It is good to get to the classroom early and meet the students as they come in. After going over any requirements you may have for the course, try to give an overview of the course stressing that this is not a technical course. Why are complementary assets essential for ensuring that information systems provide genuine value for an organization? What academic disciplines are used to study information systems?UPS's competitors include: United States Postal Service, Deutsche Post (& subsidiary DHL), Deutsche Bahn Aktiengesellschaft, Fed Ex, and others Freight (Yahoo Finance2, 2008, p.1).Despite rising oil prices and declining business transactions, UPS has managed to keep operating expenses at and profit at a moderately consistent level.Ø Formerly headquartered in Seattle, WA and then Greenwhich, CT.Ø Worldport is their main air hub is in Louisville, KT.Similar to Airlines, UPS realizes supreme efficiency (see diagram below).This operational model centralizes and consolidates functions and large scale activities in a manner that increases speed; decreases operational costs, facility, asset, and labor requirements; and supports management through policies, procedures, and quality standards.


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