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Often you're writing your transfer application in the thick of a college semester.It can be a challenge to carve out enough time to revise and polish your transfer application.

Does the new college have a curricular focus or institutional approach to teaching that is particularly appealing to you?

Make sure you research the school well and provide the details in your essay.

However, after studying for some time in the college, I came to realize that JMU does not offer the best quality of business courses as I had earlier anticipated.

This is because the college of business has been ranked the 12 in the nation and 3-rd in Virginia by the Bloomberg Business Week.

If the college you are transferring to requires an essay as part of the application, it must be at least somewhat selective.

You'll want to present reasons for transferring that are grounded in the meaningful academic and non-academic opportunities afforded by the new college.A good transfer essay works for a single college only.If you can replace the name of one college with another, you haven't written a good transfer essay.It's one thing to say your current school isn't a good match for your interests and goals; however, it's going to sound whiny, petty, and mean-spirited if you go off about how terrible your college is run and how bad your professors have been.Such talk makes you sound unnecessarily critical and ungenerous.It's a good bet that you want to leave your current college because you are unhappy with it.Nevertheless, avoid the temptation to badmouth your current college in your essay.In this regard, the degrees courses are very comprehensive and involve practical application and creativity.The college also provides learning opportunities for students in areas like athletics, leadership, undergraduate research and creative arts.Based on my current transcripts, I believe that my efforts have enabled me to obtain the basic academic qualification needed to join UVA and that the business provided by the Mc Intire School of Commerce will match my academic interests and assist me to pursue my business career."Hopefully I’m a better person than I was almost three years ago.


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