Value Human Life Essay

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Some of you here know—and I remember—that youth can be a season of great depression, despondencies, doubts, and waverings, the worse because they seem to be peculiar to ourselves and incommunicable to our fellows.

There is a certain darkness into which the soul of the young man sometimes descends—a horror of desolation, abandonment, and realized worthlessness, which is one of the most real of the hells in which we are compelled to walk. This is due to a variety of causes, the chief of which is the egotism of the human animal itself.

But be sure that, whenever or wherever you meet him, as soon as it comes to a direct issue between you, his little finger will be thicker than your loins.

You will go in fear of him; he will not go in fear of you.

“There’s even a monetary value for your articulatio genus. The character Hamlet in Shakespeare’s drama “Hamlet” demonstrates the rough fact that most people value life when something unfortunate is happing.

when the world is no money can loved 1s viod of a loved 1. open our eyes and do us value and care for what we have.

I suggest that you watch him closely, for he will presently demonstrate to you that money dominates everybody except the man who does not want money.

You may meet that man on your farm, in your village, or in your legislature.

Sooner or later, you will see some man to whom the idea of wealth as mere wealth does not appeal, whom the methods of amassing that wealth do not interest, and who will not accept money if you offer it to him at a certain price.

At first you will be inclined to laugh at this man, and to think that he is not "smart" in his ideas.


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