Very Short Essay On Water Pollution

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With their help, a human protects crops and improves yield.

At the same time, there are many negative aspects which should be described in a “Pesticide water pollution” essay.

For example, insecticides rotenone and DDT, pesticides 2,4-D, etc. Even if the concentration of toxic chemicals is non-lethal, these substances can lead to animal death or other harmful consequences at the next stage of the food chain.

It’s worth mentioning in an essay on diseases caused by water pollution that gulls died after eating large amounts of fish containing high concentrations of DDT.

The pollution of the oceans and the appearance of an oil film on their surface have reduced the amount of water evaporated by the ocean.

All this worsens the water supply of the biosphere.Describe in a water pollution cause and effect essay that before the development of civilization the cycle of water in the biosphere was balanced.The ocean received from rivers as much water as was consumed during its evaporation.Getting into the bodies of people and animals, these poisons cause dysfunctions of the nervous system, brain, and even mutational processes. It is used in the metal industry, in the manufacture of batteries, gasoline, glass, insecticides, and paints.Today, fish contaminated with methylmercury regularly gets at our dining tables. The same applies to cadmium which is used at battery factories.Due to the lack of natural decomposition, various poisons accumulate in the organisms of animals, plants and reach maximum concentrations.When predatory species of animals eat infected prey, they receive a significant dose of toxic substances which continue to develop in their bodies.As a result of irrigation of crops, evaporation from soil increased.The rivers of the southern regions have become shallower.If you are to give up and buy assignment online, just read this guide and change your mind.Due to the toxicity and resistance, pesticides have become an effective tool for controlling pests and weeds.


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