Volunteer Assignments

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Bilingual in English and Bengali, French Creole, Hindi, Punjabi, Spanish is a plus. The Emergency Services Department Caring Links Volunteer Program is to provide a supportive, caring environment in the Emergency Services Department.

Volunteers serve as a liaison between the Emergency Services Department staff and the patient and the patient’s family/escort, providing updated non-medical information.

Assignments are available depending on department or program specific needs at any given time.

Therefore, qualified volunteers are being sought for the following activities: The program is aimed at providing breastfeeding support to obstetric patients in an effort to improve exclusive breastfeeding rates both upon discharge at delivery and at the postpartum visit. Available daily with flexible hours The purpose of the Jamaica Hospital Medical Center’s Patient Service Escort Volunteer Program is to provide a supportive, caring environment in the Axel and Staff Residence buildings and the TJH Clinic.

The volunteers’ assistance can help the patients and family/escorts focus and communicate confidently with staff.

If you are looking to give back to the community and you speak English and Spanish, Bengali, Hindi or Punjabi, and have knowledge of medical terminology in both languages, this program may be for you.As people who earn their livelihoods from agriculture, Farmer-to-Farmer volunteers are skilled at providing recommendations that farmers can carry out using the resources that they have available.The knowledge that Farmer-to-Farmer volunteers provide never runs out, never breaks down, is never misspent and is infinitely transferrable to others.The Volunteer Services Department at Texas Children's Hospital is committed to maintaining an active program of support, compassion and quality service for the community of children and families we serve, as well as the staff of Texas Children's Hospital, while providing meaningful and challenging opportunities for those who volunteer.When joining the Volunteer Services team at Texas Children's, you will become a part of a diverse group of over 800 active Auxiliary members who support patients, families and Hospital staff through a number of assignments throughout the Texas Children's system.Volunteers will provide a comforting presence to patients. Volunteers provide non-medical information to family and friends of surgical patients.Provide medical interpreting assistance to LEP patients. Volunteers act as a liaison between family/escorts and staff and must be able to provide information in a professional and compassionate manner.Bilingual in English and Spanish, Hindi, or French Creole preferred.Available Monday to Saturday day 9am- 4pm This program seeks to reduce the sense of isolation in the hospital.To provide patients with compassionate and attentive care; thus providing a comforting presence.Volunteers are responsible for providing a comforting presence to patients, read book or magazine to patients, engage patients in conversation when appropriate, and simply sit with patients to be a listening ear. Currently available with flexible hours Volunteers are responsible for bringing a library cart with books and magazines to patient floors.


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