Wake Forest Mba Essay Questions

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For the two main essays, are two 300 word essays enough? Last question: who did you guys put (or consider putting) for the "greatest intellect of our time"?

I feel like they should be longer, and yet, I think adding on more words would just be filler because I've accomplished in my essays what I want to. I promise I won't use your answers but I just need somewhere to start because I'm drawing a huge blank on this one.

Essentially, admissions officers are looking for a genuine academic interest sparked by a task that might have been unusual or difficult.

To begin to answer this question, first brainstorm for an activity to write about.

Including specific details from the book would be especially convincing to admissions officers.

Wake Forest Mba Essay Questions

Finally, wrap up the essay by generalizing your new viewpoint on this particular political event to your novel perspective on the world as a whole.

With these guidelines, you will definitely weave a more compelling narrative!

For this prompt, Wake Forest is asking you to prove that you have both the empathy and critical thinking skills to derive meaning from works that may not be directly related to your own life.

For example, The Book Thief may have cemented your understanding of the nuances of human emotions during World War II, or The Kite Runner may have introduced you to the intricacy of early 20th-century Middle Eastern conflicts.

With a relatively high word limit of up to 300, you can spend time explaining your perspective before reading the book and contrast it with your perspective afterwards.


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