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At the opening of the book, a mysterious letter lands on the doorstep of a special group of individuals, inviting them to come see a new luxury apartment building called Sunset Towers on the shores of Lake Michigan.

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The novel, marketed as children’s literature, won the John Newbery Medal, although it is also considered a work of YA fiction.

The narrative tells the story of a group of strangers bizarrely brought together to solve the mystery of Samuel Westing’s death and pursue a great fortune.

This time, a resident goes to the hospital with minor injuries.

As the snow finally clears, the heirs are free to resume their uninhibited investigations.

), the social-climbing would-be heiress, the treasured daughter, and many more stereotypes are explored and revealed as incomplete caricatures of real, multidimensional people with complicated pasts.

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There's the successful African-American judge who struggles to suppress fears that she's a token success story or has been helped along the way by her Westing connection (J. Ford); the entrepreneurial inventor and Chinese restaurant owner (James Hoo) who's putting too much pressure in the wrong direction on his son (Doug), who's more interested in sports than school; the ever-busy and absent husband (Jake) with low self-esteem because he isn't a satisfactory breadwinner for his wife (Grace), a hypochondriac who fakes a limp for attention; a teenager with a crippling neurological disease; and many more memorable characters, all with different lessons to teach one another as they're thrown into a suddenly thrilling and nefarious situation.Aside from some fierce shin-kicking from precocious preteen Turtle Wexler, the only violence in the book (aside from the supposed murder of Samuel Westing that serves as the impetus for the game) is a series of dramatic explosions that rock the apartment building where the heirs are living.• Chapter 1: Sunset Towers • Chapter 2: Ghosts or Worse • Chapter 3: Tenants In and Out • Chapter 4: The Corpse Found • Chapter 5: Sixteen Heirs • Chapter 6: The Westing Will • Chapter 7: The Westing Game • Chapter 8: The Paired Heirs • Chapter 9: Lost and Found • Chapter 10: The Long Party • Chapter 11: The Meeting • Chapter 12: The First Bomb • Chapter 13: The Second Bomb • Chapter 14: Pairs Repaired • Chapter 15: Fact and Gossip • Chapter 16: The Third Bomb • Chapter 17: Some Solutions • Chapter 18: The Trackers • Chapter 19: Odd Relatives • Chapter 20: Confessions • Chapter 21: The Fourth Bomb • Chapter 22: Losers, Winners • Chapter 23: Strange Answers • Chapter 24: Wrong All Wrong • Chapter 25: Westing's Wake • Chapter 26: Turtle's Trial • Chapter 27: A Happy Fourth • Chapter 28: And Then...As the heirs play the Westing game, a crucial element of their findings relates to each heir’s relationship to Westing.They believe that the others will punish whoever has murdered Westing, so they feel the need to conceal their histories to protect themselves from being labeled guilty.A makeshift court is set up following Crow’s removal to jail.A thorough cross-examination, performed by young Turtle and overseen by Judge Ford, pieces together information crucial to discovering that Westing was not killed. He was Sandy, and he was also the man who had moved them into their apartments.A snowstorm confines them to the building for several days, during which they begin getting to know each other. Ford is in the latter category and throws a party for all the heirs in her apartment.Some believe that sharing clues is the only way to find an answer, while others are more territorial, wanting to know what kinds of people they might be playing against. The next morning, they all convene in the coffee shop on the first floor of Sunset Towers to strategize, but a bomb goes off, cutting the meeting short.This 55-page guide for “The Westing Game” by Ellen Raskin includes detailed chapter summaries and analysis covering 30 chapters, as well as several more in-depth sections of expert-written literary analysis.Featured content includes commentary on major characters, 25 important quotes, essay topics, and key themes like Appearances as a (Non) indication of the Self and Greed and Charity as Driving Forces., by American children’s author and illustrator Ellen Raskin, is a mystery novel first published in 1979.


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