What Invention Did Vannevar Write About In A 1945 Essay

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But Bush’s key insight was the Memex’s ability to link together these archives associatively.

He wrote: It affords an immediate step, however, to associative indexing, the basic idea of which is a provision whereby any item may be caused at will to select immediately and automatically another. The process of tying two items together is the important thing.

Bush published an article in the of human knowledge.

He asks his readers to imagine the ability to store encyclopedias of knowledge in a device the size of a matchbox (a far cry in 1945).

In 1987, without warning, Apple changed that when they released Hypercard and bundled the software for free in all Macintosh computers.

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The concept behind Hypercard was stupendously simple (it’s original intent was not even to be a hypertext application).Berners-Lee was working on a first version of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). That simple link you just clicked without even thinking about it was forged throughout modern history.Combine this with the power to assign any document an accessible URL, and a simple protocol to link everything together and you have yourself the World Wide Web. Vannevar Bush (11 March 1890 – 30 June 1974) was an American engineer and science administrator known for his work on analog computing, his political role in the development of the atomic bomb as a primary organizer of the Manhattan Project, the founding of Raytheon, and the idea of the memex which later inspired the creation of hypertext and the World Wide Web.This has not been a scientist's war; it has been a war in which all have had a part.What Engelbart show, however, was just how important hypertext would be for computer systems.If you talk to Engelbart or Nelson about their influences for hypertext, the name that will come up most often is Vannevar Bush.Otlet had embarked on a project he called (The Universal Bibliography).Otlet assembled 15 million index cards each with a small bit of information.If that sounds a lot like a hyperlink on the web, then you can probably see where I’m going with this.Stretch back a bit further, and you can draw a line from Bush to H. Wells, who took some time after writing novels like , a collection of essays, in 1938.


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