What Is A Creative Writing Class

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The class will also emphasize multi-cultural, multi-generational, mythological, and ecological topics.

Students will prepare a portfolio of completed work.

In this poetry workshop, we’ll return to childhood places rich with sensory details and memories.

In this class we will revisit a childhood place, explore it through means of memory and imagination, and generate ideas and a draft.

I ended up in a room with a temperature for winter coats, not Nike shorts, along with 17 or 18 other students and a young, energetic instructor who introduced herself by her first name.

The first day, and every day following, she had us arrange our chairs in a circle so we could all see each other.

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Luckily, with the help of a couple of upperclassmen and a sign that said, “If you are looking for room #421, turn around,” I managed to find my first class on my first official day of college. to Creative Writing class on a whim, because it fit the right time slot to make my schedule “perfect” and I had always vaguely wanted to know the secrets to writing.

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