What Is A Good Thesis Statement For The Novel The Things They Carried

First, we can see that O’Brien portrays courage; if his draft notices that he does not want to go to the war, it would not be right. O’Brien did show that Lemon’s behavior could be explained by the shame rather than bravery.

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The text suggests that many soldiers are, indeed, cowards and would not stand up to what they wanted if it makes them appear to be cowards. and then to Vietnam, where I was a soldier, and then home again. The fact that the soldiers did not march into war not because of their bravery but simply because they did not want to be embarrassed in front of their peers can be illustrated by Curt Lemon’s character.

Assessing O’Brien’s character, we will find both courage and cowardice in his journey. This notion is depicted where he had the dentist pull out a perfectly good tooth in order to prove that he was not afraid.

Sometimes, children lose their innocence early because of child abuse, illness, or war.

Though the author of The Things they Carried was not a child, he and many of his fellow soldiers felt unprepared for war in several ways.

Tim O'Brien, the author of The Things They Carried, was drafted to fight in Vietnam in 1968, only a month after graduating from college.

He was unprepared to fight, both literally and emotionally, thinking that the problems of killing and dying were something distant from his secure world.We tend to think of children as innocent, until they grow older and experience adult things.Some of these experiences are positive, and some are negative.Imagine being young and intelligent, a peaceful person at heart, and having no choice about going to a foreign country to fight a war.O'Brien describes a brief period that he thought about running away to Canada, which some young men did. Make your own flashcards that can be shared with others.Learn with extra-efficient algorithm, developed by our team, to save your time.Some of the things that the members of O'Brien's Alpha Company carried were physical objects from home: Kiowa's Bible and moccasins, Jensen's rabbit's foot charm, Cross' picture of Martha.These items carried more than their surface value; in a place where life might end in an instant, they were symbols of life.“The Things They Carried” by Tim O’Brien draws a fine line between courage and cowardice although the difference is small.Courage is the ability to confront fear; in the book, it relates to many things and is described as a skill that must be learned.


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