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After this many research was conducted to find the cure for this disease and finally in 2016, a research found the first vaccine that is 70-100% effective against this virus. This is because it is called as the applied or action research strategy; a research strategy that aims at finding the solution to an immediate problem.It is applied by an agency, company or government to address a particular problem.While deciding that way, you should first identify the type and availability of the information that is required to fulfill your objectives of the research.

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It gives insights into the research problem and helps to achieve objectives of the research by various methods such as interviews, observations, textual material, open-ended surveys, oral history and focus groups.

Another way to figure out is to look at patterns in numeric data, which can only be analyzed using statistics.

Every time a new strategy or an approach is applied on the basis of the time required to accomplish research, the main purpose of the research, surroundings in which research is conducted or on the basis of some similar dimensions.

Your main goal while conducting a research is to adopt a way of which the research objectives can be answered.

Or you want to know how changing the amount of water and sunlight affects the growth a plant, so you create an experimental study.

Or you just want to observe and describe something, in particular, to understand it better, for example, ‘Life of a British student in American colleges’, so you design a case study.Say, for example, your research is based on the Condition of slavery in America after Thirteenth Amendment. S slavery rates move in a particular way over this period is the analytical strategy of research.It has been studied that most of the scientifically based problem-solving approaches use the analytical strategy to fulfill the aims and objectives of the research.Therefore, it is very important to choose an appreciate strategy while conducting your research.If we talk the types of strategies followed in research, there are generally of two basic types: Qualitative and Quantitative.In this research strategy, you do not have any control over the variables; you can only state what is happening and what has happened to your subject.In general, it answers ‘what’ category questions instead of ‘how’, ‘why’ or ‘when.’ Well!The best part about descriptive strategy is that the subject is being observed in an unchanged and completely natural environment.It does not manipulate any condition; it just describes what already exists in surrounding and can help to uncover the hidden facts and figures of the subject.Now the biggest question is when you should choose descriptive strategy?When you want to study the relationship between two things, for an example, how many hours a student spends studying for the exams and his subsequent marks in that exam, so you make a correlational study.


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