What'S A Formal Essay

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Narrow down to a time/place Once you start broad, narrow it down to a time and place.

This will define the historical context that you are referencing. Introduce key terms, relevant background information If you are going to use a specific work as a main source, define the author and title.

However, there is still substantial debate surrounding the legitimacy and overall fairness of the process of sentencing convicted criminals to death in California. Implementing strategies that utilize organizational justice, workforce unity and employee development were all highly influential ways to motivate workers in diverse settings.

As you can see, all of these thesis statements follow a really rigid structure in terms of their layout.

While some statistical evidence regarding the effectiveness of raising the drinking age is mixed and volatile, negative externalities like increased violent behavior and unsafe drinking habits should prompt legislators to not only lower the drinking age to 18, but seek alternative solutions.

California, specifically, was a pioneer in developing a sophisticated judicial process for determining guilt and then punishment for potential death row inmates.

Notice the clear statement of the thesis, the concrete illustrations in the body of the essay, and the way the conclusion leads to a more general statement of what is perhaps to come in the future.

It is included here both because it is a good example of the essay form and because it explores the kind of problem you will come up against as you try to punctuate your essays correctly.

Understanding the proper formatting and structure for a formal essay is a good starting point for any college student. While this structure is ideal for history essays and research papers, other fields like English and Sociology can follow the same structure and similar paper writing help.

The introduction should always follow the funneling method of starting broad and narrowing it down. Broad Statement Start with a broad statement such as “throughout history, x has been a common facet of society…” This will begin your essay B.


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