Why Do We Have To Have Homework

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Still other students lack the support and “push” they need, choosing video games and You Tube over homework every night.

These types of situations need to be addressed if we are to have a productive conversation about homework.

American teenagers now average about twice as much time spent on homework each day as their predecessors did in the 1990s.

Whether the practice is beneficial for learning, Joe Pinsker wrote in March, is highly contested.

Instead children while away hours immersed in their phones or video games, learning nothing and actually harming themselves physically, socially, and emotionally.

At least with academic pursuits like homework, the time spent could have some meaningful effect on their future.

“As many children, not to mention their parents and teachers, are drained by their daily workload, some schools and districts are rethinking how homework should work—and some teachers are doing away with it entirely.

They’re reviewing the research on homework,” Pinsker wrote, “and concluding that it’s time to revisit the subject.”I am 12 years old.

While your article succinctly summarizes the educational debate and history surrounding homework, it fails to fully explore the important socioeconomic and cultural differences that can lead to disparities in homework completion and sense of value.

While you wrote about how white, middle-class families are often the loudest voices in education, I would have liked to see more about other types of families.


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