Winter Break Essay

In Yerevan people carry flowers to the memorials of Sardarapat, Yerablur and to other pantheons. But on February 14 together with Valentine's Day Armenians celebrate another national holiday - Terendez.What customs and traditions are not mixed up in this wonderful funny action?As in Russia, Christmas in Armenia is the great family holiday, which gathers at festive, richly laid table the whole family.

It is one of new holidays of Armenia –the day, when already independent Armenia made the decision to establish own national army. And since 2002, the 28th of January is officially adopted as day of rest.

It may be thought by mistake that this date is celebrated only by military men.

After great feast, when all forty soldiers intoxicated went to sleep, forty girls on the order of emperor thrust the sharp daggers in the hearts of slept young men.

Only one of them disobeyed the order: enchanted by the beauty of Sarkis, she passionately kissed him.

But Armenia has its own national patron of all loving hearts. He served as the commander at the court of Byzantine king Constantine and was one of the first Armenians, adopted the Christian religion.

According to the legend, Sarkis met the death of martyr, denying of apostasy.Sarkis awoke, distraught by what he saw, he jumped on his horse, not forgetting his savior, and dashed away...Since then, a rider on white horse has become a symbol of holiday of all Armenian lovers.Not, for the majority of Armenians this holiday is another reason to fell the proud for their country and for their brave defenders.Traditionally on this day they remember heroes of Armenia, fell in battles for the defense of the Motherland.And today people of Armenia still look forward the magic moment of New Year’s coming.It must be said that even in the most difficult moments, when the country was ruined by wars and elements, and even if at the frugal table and without light, but New Year’s Day was celebrated by every family.In Yerevan New Year’s celebrations begin since December 30.The huge beautiful New-Year tree is set on the main square of Republic, around which the fairy town and numerous rites appear.In the afternoon kids gather on the square in expectation of funny fairy performance with the participation of Grandfather Frost, Snow Maiden and other favorite fairy-tale characters.And in the evening of December 31 the grand fabulous show-program: festive concert with participation of Armenian pop-stars and the best DJ of the city starts here, which gradually turns into disco party.


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