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In 1974, a Constitutional Planning Committee travelled right throughout PNG in an unprecedented attempt to articulate the people’s hopes and needs for the new country”.( Our Pacific Ways, 2012) This paper is produced to review and evaluate PNG in terms of National sovereignty and self-reliance.

Therefore, Political independence to me means that we should go back and fully grasp the entire eight (8) directive principles inscribed in our constitution under preambles for National Sovereignty and Self-Reliance and put them into tangible practices.

Furthermore, I believe that Political independence will be better experienced if our Political system is reformed on the basis of PNG values.

Therefore, the principal purpose for covering this Goal is to remind us that we are Papua New Guineans and in order to see change and progress, we have to go back and realise this National Goal along with other four Goals inscribed in the preamble of our Mama Law (Constitution).

As far as this National Goal is concerned, the main discussion in this paper will be based on Political Independence, Economic Independence and Self-Reliance in a consecutive order respectively.

Apparently, the construction of National Parliament and Constitution are the benchmark and symbol for authority and ultimately full independence.

However, the main meaningful independence measurements and evaluation are based on how effectively the government is exercising its power as an independent body of authority in national matters.The discussion is mainly about my sentiments, basically what it means to me, on these three main components of National Sovereignty and Self-Reliance and what we should be doing as an independent state in regards to this National Goal and Directive Principle.Political Independency From personal perspective, Political Independence is when our Government has the full authority and power in making impact national decisions for the nation, which are more or less free of foreign influence and control.Mainly, it sets to express what this National Goal mean to me as an individual of this great Nation.The National Goal and Directive Principle covered in this paper is notably the Third Goal: National Sovereignty and Self-Reliance.This would mean full political independence and free from imperialism or more preferably Western Model of Development.“In talking about political reform, let’s not constrain ourselves to the box of the current Westminster system.Namarong in his online blog stated that, “Political independence in its fullness finds itself in the way Political Power is exercised by the Citizens of a Nation State.In order for Citizens to exercise these powers, they must have greater political capital than any organization, institution or foreign influence.(Our Pacific Ways, 2012)On that note, achieving stronger government decentralisation and Devolution would be of great beneficial to the people of Papua New Guinea and be a breakthrough for full political independence.As former Constitutional Planning Committee member John Momis said recently, “We must not be afraid to make a detour from wayward ways and go back to the past that the National Goals and Directive Principles of our Constitution prescribe for us” As far as Political Independence is concerned, another main area that’s undermining the political independency for PNG is none other than Foreign Influence.


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