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Huntington’s disease had totally robbed him of his “personhood” and furthermore, his dignity (Potter). Pratten describes how her 42 year old son “began to choke every time he ate, his legs had began to give way, his back to ache, and how he was losing his ability to concentrate.” Pratten says how her once fun loving son “shut himself from all of his friends, he shut himself away from everyone,” due to his disease. Not only did Heather Pratten have to cope with her son’s death; she also had to deal with assisting in his suicide. When she was sure her son could no longer be resuscitated, Heather then called an ambulance.

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Vomit, drool, urine, feces, and other indignities must be attended to by nursing assistants.

Virtually all people want others’ last memory of them to be how they once were, not what they ended up being.

Wade is a perfect example of humans excising their right to choose life or a merciful death (National Abortion Rights Action League 34).

The case focuses on “the right to choose” life or death for aborting mothers conflicting with their constitutional right to privacy.

People should be allowed to die with their dignity, pride, and self-worth intact.”This right to physician aid in dying quintessentially involves the inviolable right to human dignity—our most fragile right,” Montana Supreme Court Justice James Nelson argued in his opinion in the 2009 case Baxter v. 4).“Society does not have the right to strip a mentally competent, incurably ill individual of her inviolable human dignity when she seeks aid in dying from her physician,”Nelson rules. id=GALE|A76879618=2.1=lincclin_fccj=r=AONE=w=6fb4a21f53892d63bab92c31316e8a83Having difficulties with choosing your research topic?

Write Euthanasia Term Paper

The end stages of life for terminally ill and suffering patients are often filled with bewildering side effects, a lack of autonomy, and the dreadful knowledge of inevitable death. The deadlines are pressing and you have no time to handle all your academic assignments?

It is however eminent from another perspective that assisted suicide is contrast to moral responsibility.

Many religious beliefs propose that life is sacred and only The Supreme Being has the right to take it.

Nowhere in the constitution does it state or imply that the government has the right to keep a person from committing suicide.

After all, if the patient and the family agree it’s what they want to do, whose business is it anyway? In a country that’s supposedly free, this is a fundamental right.


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