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Once you have figured the topic title, the next step is writing the introduction 1.Make a list of all the points you are going to discuss in the essay.

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The whole point of the compare and contrast essay isn’t to prove that your thesis statement is correct; the point is to arrive at a truth based upon the evidence provided.

As you begin to write your essay, back up your assertions with evidence you’ve gathered through the research process.

Be sure that there is adequate research material on the topic before you decide on the topic. Make sure it arrives a logical conclusion based upon the evidence you have presented.

Let’s examine the process of how to start a compare and contrast essay a bit more closely: First things first --- the best way to get the writing process started is figuring out the perfect topic and an attention-grabbing hook.

See if you can spot the different approaches used in this Compare and Contrast Essay format : While writing on any topic, you must have the background information to support your thesis and any counter-arguments to your thesis.

The sources that you can use for writing your compare and contrast essay are many and varied: Depending upon the nature of your topic, you can use any combination of the above sources. Choose a topic area of interest to yourself and to your reader. This is the foundation of all that follows; be sure to indicate thesis statement, arguments, evidence, and conclusion. Proofread and review the entire compare and contrast essay.The best way to demonstrate the thinking behind a compare and contrast essay, is to assume a hypothetical “fact situation.” Hypothetical Fact: You’re shopping and only have the budget to buy one shirt, but you find two that you like.You want to buy both of them, but you obviously can’t (you don’t have enough money).You have compared both shirts, contrasted their relative value (the one you don’t already have has more value to you as a shopper), and made your decision based upon those comparative and contrasting factors.A compare and contrast essay requires an analysis of similarities and differences within the same topic category or set of issues and concerns.Now list the issues and subjects you are going to discuss without stating their similarities and differences.(If you’re comparing shirts, for example, that would be the subject area; if you’re comparing political philosophies, just mention what they are). Simply and declaratively compose a strong thesis statement of 1-2 sentences that states the main argument and your purpose in comparing and contrasting the subjects at hand.If one of the items was a shirt and the other a pair of shoes, the comparison would be invalid.Writing about Steve Jobs and Bill Gates can make a good compare and contrast essay, but you can’t write about Steve Jobs and let’s say, Martha Stewart in any comparative or contrasting way.The “compare” in compare and contrast essays requires you to evaluate the similarities and “contrast” is where you find out how two subjects differ from one another.However, a well-written essay doesn’t simply point out the similarities and differences; instead, it makes a strong argument about the objects under analysis using the findings.


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