Youth In Politics Essay

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In recent years, the strengthening of democracy in Pakistan has been accompanied by an exponential increase in the population of young people who are politically conscious and increasingly vocal about their rights and needs: it is estimated that almost 46% of Pakistan’s total electorate comprises young people.

While the transition towards permanent representative bodies to formally channelize the energy and dynamism of young people is still underway, mainstream political parties have increasingly started attracting younger voters through traditional (membership drives) and non-traditional (social media) means.

The dialogue is part of Youth Empowerment Programme’s youth engagement strategy which calls for creating avenues for vocal young people to interact with and influence power actors in strategic sectors to effectively communicate their demands in policy circles.

Daniyal Hassan, Member PILDAT Youth Parliament said that Pakistan cannot progress without generating revenue.

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These dialogues will help mainstream young people as a viable political force in Pakistan and help strengthen the democratic project in the country through increased transparency and accountability of elected representatives.

UNDP is planning to organize similar dialogues at the Federal and Provincial levels between selected young people and members of the newly formed youth parliamentary caucuses at federal and provincial levels after the General Elections 2018.


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